How To Order My Custom Wraps

To Order Custom Nail Wraps:
1) Click or tap the image of the design(s) you are interested in. This will load a page with more information about the custom nail wrap design.
2) Click or tap on the large image of the design sheet on the page which will lead you to the SquareUp online shopping cart page.
3) Add item to cart.
4) Return to the website to choose more nail wrap designs and add them to your cart. There is a $5 per order shipping charge so if you would like more than one design it is most cost effective to order them all at once.
5) Once you are done selecting the custom nail wrap designs you are interested in, complete the checkout process on to place your order.

NOTES About ordering my custom designs:
1. Custom nail wraps do not qualify for the buy 3 get 1 free offer from Jamberry Nails.
2. Your custom nail wraps will be Nail Art Studio designs placed through me to Jamberry. I will ship the orders to you at the address you listed on the SquareUp site when you placed your order.
3. Expect 4-6 weeks for delivery for custom wraps.

Order Standard Jamberry nail wraps here:

I also accept $25 Jamberry Gift Certificate codes with a $6 per order design fee.