How to remove Jamberry Nail Wraps

I prefer to use the Coconut Oil method for removing old Jamberry nail wraps from my nails. Coconut oil is good for he skin, good for the nails, and works very quickly. It only takes a minute to remove all 10 nails using warm coconut oil and a dental floss stick. The No-Harsh-Chemicals method of removal is one of the main reasons I love Jamberry nails! This video shows my first time removing my nail wraps using the coconut oil method. It is so easy! You can do it! You can use olive oil or any oil you have but I like coconut oil.

The Coconut oil removal method is a very fast, gentle, and chemical-free method of removing the Jamberry nail wraps, but it is not the official method recommended by Jamberry nails. If you would like to learn the official method of application and removal from the Jamberry website directly, please click here:
Official Jamberry Application and Removal Instructions