About My Jamberry Nails

My Jamberry Experience


I didn’t used to decorate my nails at all, not with polish, or wraps, or artificial nails, or anything like that. Pretty nails weren’t important to me. But things have changed a little this year. I discovered quite by accident (after doing nail painting with my daughter) that my husband likes it when I paint my nails. So I started painting my nails for him in January because pretty nails are important to my husband.

I ran into a serious problem however, the polish was destroying my nails. I don’t know if I’m just super sensitive to it or if I was doing it wrong but my nails became very brittle and scaled and cracked. They would break off below the growth line. They started to look like lizard scales. The polish was very bad for me. Rather the opposite of the beautiful nails I was trying to cultivate! I needed to continue painting them though to be pretty for my husband.

My first full set of Jamberry Nails. This is the “Carnival” design that i picked for one of my choices in my kit.

I posted a desperate plea on my Facebook page for any tips or hints about how I could rescue my nails from cracking. One of my friends sent me some Jamberry samples. They worked! They stay on a whole lot longer too, and because they are more like stickers than paint, they don’t chip either. And there is never any worry about smearing the paint while waiting for it to dry because there is no paint, polish or anything like that involved. Just heat them with a blow dryer, stick them on, trim the end and you’re done! Typically they stay on for 1 to 2 weeks. The samples on my thumbs lasted 4 weeks! They would have lasted longer too but I took them off using warm coconut oil and dental floss (that’s right, no harsh chemicals to remove them either!) so I could apply my new wraps out of my Consultant kit when it arrived.

You can see the cracks and scaling (from the polish) on my Index finger here, pictured with the nail wrap on my thumb after three weeks.
My first Jamberry Nail wrap samples. From left to right: Jamberry, Polish, Polish, Jamberry, Jamberry


I wanted to sign up with Jamberry so that I could get the distributor discount. And I would also like to run it as a business so that my bank account will stop being mad at me. Then I discovered the Jamberry Nail Art Studio and had a lot of fun playing with that! This website is intended to be a place where I can show the custom Nail Art Studio designs I have created. (Yes, I’m still making Christian games too.) These nail wraps really work. Please check out my Launch party on my website, and come visit on Facebook for the games and prizes. Hope to see you there!

"Over it"
This beautiful rainbow design called “Over it” is the pattern my daughter chose for her nails.

One last note. Jamberry has a standing offer of buy 3 sheets of nail wraps and get 1 sheet FREE! (This is often abbreviated B3G1 online so if you see that strange code that’s what it means.) So if you find 4 designs you like, Jamberry will give you the 4th one free on your order! How cool is that?

You can order from my website that they instantly created for me the day I signed up.